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ООО «Интур-Сервис»
Наш адрес: 230024, Республика Беларусь, г. Гродно, ул К Маркса, 13-1.
телефон: 8 (0152) 74-01-47
УНН 500103765

Время работы: 9.00- 18.00
Суббота: 9.00- 14.00 (без обеда)


Памятка туристу

Visa-free zone

Car Bicycle

Travel to Belarus Visafree

( Grodno region, Augustov Chanal )

You would like to visit Belarus ? Now you can travel without a visa!

To cross a border visafree please send us you data and details of your trip. We will send you a card with QR-Code , which you need to print and show at the border.

Please do not foget the privat insurance for the period of your trip.

You will fill out a Migration card at the border, which need to be showed at the back trip.

You can across a border visafree by a car or bus (not by a train) at the following border points: Poland : Rudavka, Kuznica Bialostocka, Lithuania: Shiandubre, Raigardas.


Map of visa-free zone

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