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Fishing in the National Park "Pripiatski"

Tour "Fishing in Belarus"
Itinerary: Fishing in the National Park "Pripiatski"
Duration: 3 days/4 nights

260 km to the south from Minsk and 350 km to the east of Brest, at the very center of Belarusian Palesie, there is the National Park Pripiatski. It was established as nature reserve in 1969 to protect ecosystems of water-meadows and swamps and also the biggest in the world oak forest. In 1996 it was reorganized into the National Park.

The National Park is located in the sub zone of broad-leaved-and-pine forests of the European Broad-leaved-forest Domain. The climate is relatively mild, temperate, warm: summer is not very hot, alternating with frequent thaws and unsteady snow cover in winter. Its area exceeds 290 square miles. The relief is flat, lowered and, actually, constitutes an ancient flood-plain comprising the Pripiat river bottom land, benches passing in the south into the fluvio-glacial plain. There are several streams and creeks crossing the National Park from South to North. Thirty small lakes are dispersed over its territory.

Fauna of the National Park runs into 45 mammals species, 256 species of birds, 7 of reptiles, 11 of amphibians and 37 of fishes. Flora is represented by 826 species of higher plants and more than 200 moss species. All the forest types characteristic of Palesie can be found in the National Park.
Flood-plain landscapes are of special interest where peculiar vegetation complexes have been formed under regular floods. These complexes are represented by unique oak-groves and ash woods, replaced by black alder and willows at depressions. Wonderful small lakes rich of fish are scattered amongst them. The Pripiatski National Park represents the unique combination of natural, cultural and historical heritage, what makes it very attractive for the tourists.

Fish: pike, cat-fish, pike perch, perch, crucian, tench, roach, burbot, ide, etc.

The price includes:

- documents necessary to obtain Belarusian visa;
- Belarusian fishing licence;
- transportation from the airport to the fishing place and back;
- fishing organizing;
- full board accommodation in double rooms in hotel or hunter's lodge;
- interpreter for all your stay in Belarus;
- medical insurance;
- international veterinary certificate for your fish;
- all the fish you catch.

The price does not include:

- Belarusian visa;
- air ticket;
- beer and alcoholic drinks;
- everything not mentioned explicitly in the section "The price includes".

Optional services:

- underwater fishing license;
- a harpoon gun entry formalities;
- accommodation in a single room.

The program of your stay may be changed in accordance with your wishes or special preferences.

Cost according to demands.

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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