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16. Tour "Belarus. The ethnographical museum Dudutki"

Tour "The ethnographical museum Dudutki"
Itinerary: Dudutki - Minsk
Duration: 2 or 3 days

In inviting you to visit this seemingly unremarkable corner of Belarus with its quiet river Ptich'(which once was one of the waterways called "from the Vikings to the Greeks") and its inviting name, like a tune of a faraway fife, "Dudutki" we would like to give you pleasure of acquaintance with the history and culture of this land, its traditions, nature, customs and manners.

Let the smell of fresh shavings in an ancient joiner's workshop, the reflection of the raw clay reviving in the potter's hands, the rippling of water near the moss-covered oaks, the squeak of the mill and the sound of an anvil, the taste of cottage cheese and exciting fragrance of bread, baked right before your eyes return you for a moment to the almost forgotten childhood sensations and remind that the joy of life is that we do not live in vain, and nothing ends when we leave this world

All the exhibits in the museum - buildings, tools, mechanisms, vehicles -- are being reconstructed and repaired so that they may be (further practically used anew.) It gives visitors a unique opportunity "to take part in the game " by taking the exhibits into their hands, trying it, and becoming entirely absorbed in the atmosphere of the past.

Possibly, at present the ethnographical museum Dudutki is the first and only private museum of material culture. Here the past and present are brought together. This is a museum of handicrafts where a piece of clay, steel or wood is brought to life before your eyes.

Dudutki is a museum:

- of material culture where past and future are brought together;
- of technology where each exhibit is brought to life;
- of the old way of life where collections of exhibits help one perceive the general picture of common life;
- of handicrafts where a piece of wood, clay, or steel are brought to life before your eyes;
- of "the gifts of nature", a museum of labour for augmenting its riches;
- of the way of life where you are plunged in the world of adventures and games;
- Dudutki - is a romantic voyage to the past and return to tomorrow.
Forty kilometers from Minsk, in a picturesque area of 160 hectares, an attempt to reconstruct an 18-th, 19-th and early 20-th centuries Belarusian province is being made.

Dudutki gives visitors a unique opportunity "to take part in the game " by taking the exhibits into their hands, trying it, and becoming entirely absorbed in the atmosphere of the past.

In the Handicrafts Shop you will not only be able to see how works are made using traditional technology, but also to join the craftwork and participate in the creative process.

The only food product Belarusians bought was salt. Everything else was produced on peasants' farms. Having sat down to a table at the invitation of local hosts, you will experience first-hand the fruits of their labour and their cordial hospitality while having the chance to hear traditional folk songs.
This route includes sightseeing tour of one of the most beautiful European cities – Minsk.

Founded more than 900 years ago, nowadays Minsk is the largest industrial and cultural center of Belarus. There are three historical-architecture zones in the city: the zone of old or upper town, where partially city planning and building of XVII- the beginning of XIX century have survived; the zone of Troitsky and Rakovsky Predmestye (Trinity Suburbs). The site of the old Minsk castle is an archeological preserve.


Day 1

Arrival in Grodno
Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance
Check-in at the hotel in the centre of the city
Time at leisure

Day 2

Departure from Grodno
Visit to "The ethnographical museum Dudutki"
Sightseeing tour of Minsk including architectural, historical and cultural monuments of the 17th -18th cent., historical part of the city – Trinity Suburb and orthodox churches
Mc. Donald’s
Departure for Grodno

Cost according to demands.

The cost included: entrance visa, full board and lodging, a guide, transfer, passage service, bus and excursion service, entrance tickets to the museums

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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