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Fishing in the National Park "Braslav lakes"

Tour "Fishing in Belarus"    Itinerary: Fishing in the National Park "Braslav lakes".   Duration: 3 days/4 nights

The National Park "Braslav Lakes" is situated in the north - west of Belarus. It is 250 km away from Minsk and occupies 276 square miles. "Braslav lakes" is the youngest National Park of the Republic of Belarus. It was founded in 1995. The unique ecology of this Land of lakes has preserved the Ice Age traces. 31 main lakes, all exceptional in their beauty, are situated among hills.

The total surface of the lakes is 71 square miles, the total area of the Park is 276 square miles which accounts for 32,1% of the Braslav province area. The Braslav province hunting area is 554 thousand acres, and all the soil types of Belarus are presented here. The central part of the Park is occupied by a dense forest which is 3500 ha large with pine, fir and deciduous formations.

Particular attraction to the Park is added by cranberry swamps with small arduous islands with pines growing on them. Only an experienced hunter can overcome these obstacles! Mosaic allocation and combination of forests of different size, numerous lakes and meandering rivers, swamps and fields contribute to the existence and reproduction of numerous species of game.

The Braslav Lakes are inhabited by 21 species of fish. The most precious are: eel, tench, pike-perch, bream, wild carp, bleak. The Park is very interesting from the ornithological point of view. There are a lot of protected birds that have become extinct elsewhere: willow grouse, curlew, ural tawny owl, golden eagle, black stork, bittern, silver seagull, sea eagle, and in particular, mute swan which was nearly exterminated a few years ago, but nowadays it is returning to the Braslav Lakes.

The Park offers wonderful opportunities for different tours (pedestrian, equestrian and automobile, different excursions, fishing, winter tourism). It has a Museum, a hotel, various hunting lodges and a yacht-club. Fish: eel, pike, cat-fish, pike perch, perch, crucian, tench, roach, burbot, ide, etc.

The price includes:

  • documents necessary to obtain Belarusian visa;
  • Belarusian fishing licence; 
  • transportation from the airport to the fishing place and back;
  • fishing organizing;
  • full board accommodation in double rooms in hotel or hunter's lodge;
  • interpreter for all your stay in Belarus;
  • medical insurance;
  • international veterinary certificate for your fish;
  • all the fish you catch.

The price does not include:

  • Belarusian visa;
  • air ticket;
  • beer and alcoholic drinks;
  • everything not mentioned explicitly in the section "The price includes".

Optional services:

  • underwater fishing license;
  • a harpoon gun entry formalities;
  • accommodation in a single room.

The program of your stay may be changed in accordance with your wishes or special preferences.

Cost according to demands.

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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