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Fishing at the lake Vyganauskaye

Telekhany Forestry Enterprise spreads partially over the territories of 3 administrative districts of the Brest region. It is located some 250 km south-east of Minsk. The enterprise encircles 205 thousand acres.

The territory of the enterprise features a water-logged plain and approx. 6,500 acres of a glassy surface of Lake Vyganauskaye. The tourist facility is located on the south shore-line of Lake Vyganauskaye and consists of a wooden house, sauna, a heliport and boat station, and auxiliary premises. Because of the variable relief of the territory, the enterprise's flora and fauna are rich and multifarious.

Being placed far away from the civilization the Telekhany Forestry Enterprise is the right place for a wide circle of nature amateurs. Due to the rich and varied fauna, especially of birds, the site is attraction for both ornithologists and amateurs in general.

Fish: pike, pike perch, perch, cat-fish, crucian, tench, roach, burbot, ide, gudgeon, bleak, rudd, bream, etc.

The price includes:

- documents necessary to obtain Belarusian visa;
- Belarusian fishing licence;
- transportation from the airport to the fishing place and back;
- fishing organizing;
- full board accommodation in double rooms in hotel or hunter's lodge;
- interpreter for all your stay in Belarus;
- medical insurance;
- international veterinary certificate for your fish;
- all the fish you catch.

The price does not include:

- Belarusian visa;
- air ticket;
- beer and alcoholic drinks;
- everything not mentioned explicitly in the section "The price includes".

Optional services:

- underwater fishing license;
- a harpoon gun entry formalities;
- accommodation in a single room.

The program of your stay may be changed in accordance with your wishes or special preferences.

Cost according to demands.

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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