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Hunting in Belarus

Belarus is a country of fantastic and unspoiled natural areas and has been attracting more real lovers of exotic hunting adventures from all over the world lately.

One of the most important factors in favor of high-quality hunting is the vast expanse of Belarusian territory, about 40 % of which is covered by primeval forests of different types. In addition, boundless meadows, thousands of enchanting lakes, and unique marshes are all features contributing to satisfy the most exigent hunter.

Among wild animals, Aurochs (European bison) is considered a symbol of our country. Being extremely rare species (CITES-1) it can be found in some National parks. Nevertheless, Aurochs hunting is allowed and represents one of the most exotic Belarusian hunting attractions.

In regard to big hunt, we can't help but mention elk, red deer, roe deer, wild boar and wolf. Belarusian wild boar is distinguished by its remarkable tusks dimensions: just try to imagine a hunter's joy and enthusiasm when his trophy collection is enriched by exclusive tusks of 250-270 mm (10 inches and more!)

Wolf hunting is perceived by many people as a real challenge requiring exceptional courage. It is possible to hunt a wolf after the first fall of snow starting in November or December. Elk hunting is allowed from September to November, red deer from September till January; roe deer may be hunted in summer and autumn and the remarkable Belarusian wild boar from May till January, thus our marvelous forests welcome hunters almost all the year round.

In regard to game-bird it is really impossible to resist the excitement of shooting ducks, partridges, woodcocks (both in spring and in autumn), turtle doves, ring doves, geese and snipes. Various duck species are easily found in Belarus: pochard, teal, shoveller, mallard, pintail etc. On average a hunter shoots 20-25 ducks per day.

Nevertheless, spring hunting for capercailze and black grouse is considered one of the most thrilling and breathtaking.

We will do our best for you to get an unforgettable hunting experience in the country, which spreads its charms over real lovers of good hunting.


Information for Hunters

The game and the respective hunting seasons are as follows:

Elk (September to December)
Deer (September to December)
Wild boar (October to December)
Roe-deer (October to November)
Wolf (December to February)
Red fox (November to January)
Hare (November to January)
Wood-grouse (April)
Black cock (April, August to September)
Grey partridge (September to October)
Woodcock (April, September to October)
Hazel-hen (September to October)
Duck (April, August to November)
Goose (April, August to November)

When you are ready (or decided) to hunt in Belarus, please consider the information given below.

Every person traveling to Belarus for hunting is to have the Hunter's Certificate and Medical Insurance both valid from the date you travel from home for the entire period of your stay in Belarus.

Your tourist entry visa for Belarus can be obtained with our assistance at a Consular Section of the Belarusian Embassy in your country, or - alternatively - on your arrival in "Minsk-2" International Airport (where the consular fee will be higher).

How many persons could go on hurting in Belarus on the same dates?

In case your Company has numerous applications, you could send from 10 to 30 hunters. However, any of the hunting estates would be able to receive 4 to 6 persons simultaneously (especially when hunting grey partridge, duck, and some other game).

Import and export of hunting guns and ammunition

The number of guns and the amount of ammunition you may take with you to Belarus is unlimited. Nevertheless, 30 days or earlier you should send by fax the information on the type of your gun, its registration number, and the amount of ammunition your import to Belarus so as a proper permit for import could be issued.

Hunting with a dog

Before your arrival please send us by fax a copy of the vaccination certificate (international standard) and have the original thereof when you arrive in Belarus. We shall take care of all other formalities.

Regretfully, hotels in this country do not allow animals in. However, this should not worry you as our partner has specially equipped places for hunting dogs (well-guarded ones) - we do understand that a good dog accounts for 100 per cent of your success.

Hunting contract terms

40 - 50 per cent of the estimated cost of your tour should be paid in advance to our account or to that of our partner in hunting while the final settlement is to be made on the date preceding your departure from Belarus.

Taking out your hunting trophies back home.

The Procedure of Hunting Trophies' Export.

The export of the following hunting trophies in Belarus is allowed:

1. Auroch (Zubr or European bison) - scull & hide by the special permission of the Ministry of Nature.
2. Wild boar - fangs & hide by the special permission.
3. Elk - antlers & hide by the special permission.
4. Red Deer - antlers & hide by the special permission. Positions 2, 3, 4 require special permission - the International Certificate.
5. Wolf hide requires the Special permission from the International Organization CITES is given.


Sculls, fangs & antlers are subject to boiling down and are ready in 24 hours. Hides are cut off, salted through and piled up.

Game is subject to initial preparation and then to freezing (portable fridge would be nice).

All above trophies are estimated according to the special price-list.

The price includes:

- documents necessary to obtain Belarusian visa;
- rifle and ammunition entry permit;
- Belarusian hunting licence;
- transportation from the airport to the hunting estate and back;
- transportations at the hunting ground;
- full board accommodation in hunters lodge or hotel in double room;
- hunting accompanied by a huntsman;
- interpreter from the moment of your arrive till departure;
- medical insurance up to 5000 $ for all your stay in Belarus;
- preparation of your trophy;
- International veterinary certificate for your trophy.

The price does not include:

- Belarusian visa;
- Air ticket;
- Beer and alcoholic drinks;
- Second rifle;
- Tipp;

Phone and fax calls, Internet connections, personal expenses;
Everything not mentioned explicitly in the section "The price includes".

The order should be submitted to us at least 2 weeks prior the estimated arrival date.

The program of your stay may be changed in accordance with your wishes or special preferences.

Cost according to demands.

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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