"Intour-Service" Ltd.
Our address:: 230024, BY, K.Marksa street 13-1.
tel: 8 (0152) 74-01-47

Mo - Fri: 9.00- 18.00
Sa: 9.00- 14.00

Hotel "Jubilejnaja"

   The hotel is the most of the comfortable hotels of Minsk. 13-floors building located at the Centre of the capital. From windows you can see a beautiful panorama of Minsk, the buildings of old town and a Svisloch river. 
    Standard rooms are on the 5, 7-11 floors - all together 8 two-room superior, 138 double and 98 single rooms. Superior rooms are on the 4, 6 and 12 stock - 55 single rooms, 7 two-room superior and 2 three-room suit.
All of the single and double rooms have a shower, WC. Superior and suits also a bathroom and mini-bar. Every room have a telephone, TV.
     If you are as a tourist here or you are for business in Minsk – you can always find anything that you need in our hotel. Competent and friendly employees are to yours  service.

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