"Intour-Service" Ltd.
Our address:: 230024, BY, K.Marksa street 13-1.
tel: 8 (0152) 74-01-47

Mo - Fri: 9.00- 18.00
Sa: 9.00- 14.00

Hotel "Planeta"

    The hotel is situated in a green part of Minsk 150 meters from the liveliest street – prospect Masherova. The hotel yard is full of roses, lilac and other flowers. From the window you can enjoy a beautiful sigh of Minsk, their parks and living district. Nearby there is a nice lake called Komsomolskoe.
    There are 22 doubled and 36 single new builded standard rooms on the 3-4 floors, 62 doubled and 65 single superior rooms on the 7-11 floors.
Suits are situated on the 12 floor. Standard rooms are fitted with WC, shower and superior also with a comfortable bathroom. The phone and TV is in all of the rooms.

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