"Intour-Service" Ltd.
Our address:: 230024, BY, K.Marksa street 13-1.
tel: 8 (0152) 74-01-47

Mo - Fri: 9.00- 18.00
Sa: 9.00- 14.00


Do you want to leave city bustle?

Do you want to feel freedom and pacification?

So you must go to Korobchicy.

You decided to spend your free time with your friends, to celebrate a holiday or a jubilee outside the city, so this place is for you.

This excellent place leaves nobody indifferent.

For townspeople and for those who is very fond of exotica – we offer observation the wonderful animal life: pheasants, ostriches, elks, etc. We also can propose you driving and sledge.

You can find a perfect service here. We can organize here any celebrations: formal celebration, noisy celebration, solemn celebration, an intimate supper with candles.

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