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05. Tour "Belarus. Around the lakes of Grodno"

Itinerary: Poretchye - Lake Salatyevskoe - village Glushnevo - Lake Palnitsa - village Novaya - Lake Derevenskoe - village Bershty - Lake Bershty - Lake Zatskoe - Lake Beloe
Duration: 6-7 days

The starting point of the route is situated in a pine forest. On the shoes of lakes there are many comfortable places for parking. The air is clean and transparent, has a smell of juniper. The length and width of lakes is 4-6 km, the depth is 408 m.

It's pleasant to sit near a fire on the shore of a lake with fish soup make from your own take of fish. Such a rest develops power, alertness, character, makes people closer.


Day 1

Arrival in Grodno
Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance
Check-in at the hotel in the centre of the city
Time at leisure

Day 2

Departure from the Sovietskaya Square Salatyevskoe. Setting tents, organization questions, dinner, fishing.Lessons in water tourist and safe behavior on water. Supper. Free time. The evening of rest near a fire.

Day 3

Lake Palnitsa.
Setting a camp, dinner, sport games, fishing
Supper. Free time. Evening near a fire.

Day 4

Lake Derevenskoe.
Setting a camp, dinner, sport games, rest-time.
Supper. Free time. Evening near a fire.

Day 5

9.00 – Breakfast
Lake Bershty.
Setting a camp, dinner, rest-time.
Supper. Free time. Evening near a fire.

Cost according to demands.

The cost included: entrance visa, full board and lodging, a guide, transfer, passage service, bus and excursion service, entrance tickets to the museums

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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