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12. Tour "Belarus. Weekend in the Belovezhskaya pushcha"

Duration: 2 - 3 days

The National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" - is the forest reserve not far from the city of Brest on the Polish border and 340 km South-West of Minsk; this is a unique combination of fauna and flora of old centuries. It was established in 1939, based on the historically formed protected territory.

December 14, 1992, UNESCO entered the Park to the list of World Heritage, and in 1993 it was grated the status of a Biosphere Reserve. Here one can see pine-trees towering to the very sky and magnificent oak trees which trunks can be embraced by several men only. The age of these trees is more than 500 years. Today there are more than 400 aurochses (zubr or European bison) living there as well as 300 other species of animals and birds.

In the demesne of Santa Claus you meet wonderful personages from the fairy tale “Twelve months”. The Santa Claus and the little snow-white will communicate with you and the workers of the museum will organize a choral dance for you. You can write wishes to your friends, and get nice souvenirs. You can drink a cup of sweet-smelling tee with belarussian pane-cakes. You can taste delicious meat of wild animals. And you can have a rest on the fresh land.

By the end of the XVI century Ruzhany (Grodno Region, Pruzhany District) became the property of the Sapegas, who laid here the foundation of their residence – a double-storey cross shaped palace. Leu Sapega is one of the greatest Belarusian political figures, a renown by his wisdom statesman, lawyer and military commander. He stood at the head of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the times of G.D.L.'s highest cultural blossoming. At all times Leu Sapega was a powerful guardian of.

Belarusian national interests and a stronghold of our independence. During the trip you have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Ruzhany palace.


Day 1:

Arrival in Grodno;
Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance;
Check-in at the hotel in the centre of the city;
Time at leisure;

Day 2:

Departure from the Sovietskaya Square;
Rouzhany - the Ruzhany palace;
Kamenetz - The defending monument of the 13th century;
The National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha";
The Museum of Nature, open-air cages with wild animals, walking tour of the territory of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, including all historical and cultural sites of BP;
The residence of Santa Claus Rest;
Departure from the Pushcha;
Arrival in Grodno.

Cost according to demands.

The cost included: entrance visa, full board and lodging, a guide, transfer, passage service, bus and excursion service, entrance tickets to the museums.

The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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