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09. Tour "Belarus. Vitebsk"

Tour "Belarus. Vitebsk"
Itinerary: Lahojsk - Vitebsk - Sdravnevo
Duration: 3 days

During this route tourists will visit wonderful sports complex Lahojsk, a unique ski resort of Belarus, which won't give up in service and comfort to European ones.

You will visit Vitebsk. The foundation of the town Vitebsk is one of the most ancient towns of Belarus. It lies on the beautiful banks of the Western Dvina river where the Vitba and Luchesa rivers flow into it. It is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Belarus.

The Vitebsk region, a land of blue lakes and beautiful pine forests, lies in the north and north-west of Belarus and has a total area of over 40,000 square kilometers. Alot of its towns and villages have a thousand-year history. Relentless time forever buried many pages of old events and wrap them with misty haze of centuries. But old chronicles reveal that in the 7-8th centuries this land was settled by Krivichs.

Primary Vitebsk was ruled by Polotsk princes but in 1101 it was established Vitebsk principality. In the middle of 13th century Kiev Russia fell after invasion of Mongol troops leaded by Batu-khan. A number of towns of East, Central and South Russia were ruined, population was killed or became a slave, culture and technology were threw back for decades.

Mongols had not went up to Vitebsk but all political and trade structure of that days was destroyed. That days on the basis of western Russian and Lithuanian lands it arose and began to expand the Great Lithuanian Principality.

This state intended to incorporate Vitebsk but fell to do this using weapon. More successful became another way - in 1318 Jaroslav the last Russian Prince of Vitebsk gave his daughter Mary in marriage to the Great Lithuanian Prince Olgerd and after the death of Jaroslav in 1320 Vitebsk was included in Great Lithuanian Principality.

Thus was finished the first - Russian period of Vitebsk history that lasts more then three century when Vitebsk was a part of Polotsk principality or was relatively independent part of Kiev Russia.

About 250 years Vitebsk was a part of Great Lithuanian Principality.
Vitebsk today is a major industrial, scientific and cultural center of the republic Belarus.

Cultural life flourishes in Vitebsk as well. The Belarusian State Academic theater named after Yakub Kolas is one of the oldest in the state. Picturesque neighborhood of Vitebsk and its ancient streets was always attractive for painters.

Vitebsk was the native land of Mark Chagall, the world famous artist, who died in Paris but he always dreamed about Vitebsk. He was inspired by his native town of Vitebsk, which he often depicted in his works.

A famous Russian painter Ilija Repin lived and worked near Vitebsk during some years in the end of XIX century. Some of his works are presented at the Vitebsk art museum.

Although Vitebsk much suffered from numerous wars, some architectonic sights are saved such as: Rathaus (Coloncha, former City Hall) (1775), Governor’s palace (before 1772), St. Barbara Chatolic church (1785, rebuild in end of XIX), St.Michael church (XVIII century), some buildings of Basilian and Bernardin Catholic monasteries (XVIII century) and some nice quarters of old town. Before the Governor's palace a monument in honor of 1812 battles near Vitebsk was stated in 1912.

In 1988 Vitebsk was chosen to hold Slavic Bazar musical festival that gathers hundreds of musicians from all around the world who sings songs on Slavic languages and attracts thousands of tourists. The festival is a major event in the city's life.


Day 1

Arrival in Grodno
Transfer to the hotel with guide assistance
Check-in at the hotel in the centre of the city
Time at leisure

Day 2

Departure from the Sovietskaya Square
Lahojsk - The acquaintance with the complex
Sightseeing tour of Vitebsk
Check-in at the hotel

Day 3

Visit to the Museum of Mark Chagall
Sdravnevo - Visit to the Museum of Ilija Repin
Arrival in Grodno
Cost according to demands.
The cost included: entrance visa, full board and lodging, a guide, transfer, passage service, bus and excursion service, entrance tickets to the museums
The company leaves the right to make some alterations in the program without decreasing whole volume and quality of services.

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