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The Republic of Belarus, located at the crossroad of trans–European transport and communication corridors “West–East” and “North–South”, has an exclusively rich natural, historical and cultural potential favorable for international tourism.

Belarus is a country with an ancient and rich history and unique culture. It has a significant number of historical towns and cities — Novogrudok, the first capital of the Great Principality of Lithuania, Russia and Jemoit; Polotsk — the historical capital of the Principality of Polotsk with its valuable architectural monuments like the Sofia’s Cathedral and Saviour Transfiguration Church with unique frescoes of the 11th century; Turov and Grodno — centers of Slavic principalities of the 9th and 12th centuries; Mstislavl — the centre of large waywodeship of the 16th century. Many towns and cities have preserved ancient temples and cloisters, palaces and castles of magnates of Rzecz Pospolita and of the Russian Empire, as well as valuable architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

Urban and rural areas include over 20,000 monuments of history and culture and about 100 centers of artisan arts. Beside natural reserves and national parks, there are settlements and towns that represent complex memorials preserving their historical environment and traditional way of life (Motel, Gorodnaya, Ivenets, Neglyubka, etc.).

Perhaps, Belarus is one of the few remaining places on our planet where one can see the amazing miracle, the miracle of the untouched nature. It is surprising that right here, in the very centre of Europe, time seems to have considerably slowed down its run: the 21st century is raging around, the civilization is progressing with long strides, yet in Belarus nature remains real, people remain human, and values remain eternal. Belarus is an island of calmness in the swirl of seething time, a place of wise harmony of the body and soul.

Belarus is the country of lowlands, small hills, forests, and blue lakes. The nature of this country is soft, harmonic, and moderate. Belarus is the country of lowlands, small hills, forests, and blue lakes. The nature of this country is soft, harmonic, and moderate. We have neither severe frosts nor exhaustive heat.

One third of the Belarusian territory is covered with forests where birches, oaks, maple and pine trees dominate. The Fauna of the country is rich and diverse: here one can find European bison, elk and deer, wild boar and wolf, bear and fox, beaver and lynx, not to mention myriad of birds.

Belarus is the country of unique history and rich cultural heritage, which is carefully protected.

Belarus, from the tourist point of view, is very attractive destination providing good recreation and unforgettable impression for groups and for individual travelers when in Belarus.

Belarus is the puzzling country with its unknown traditions, customs, morals and culture. Geographically is situated in the middle of the Europe between 5 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Friendly country and people without any national conflicts, the country where besides traditional Belarussian culture peacefully coexists the cultures of more than 100 nations. The most western region is Grodno, where is brightly expressed the unit of all cultures and nations. There are 80 nationalities are living in that region.

The most widespread national groups are: Belarussians, Russians, Polish, Lithuanians, Jews, Germans, Ukrainians, Greeks, Moldavians, Georgians. For a reason Grodno was chosen as a traditional place to hold republican festival of international cultures. The unite of wise ancient time, cultural heritage of a different nations with modern time make this town and country unique. Welcome to us and you’ll convince the friendship, harmony and tranquillity of our places.








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