"Intour-Service" Ltd.
Our address:: 230024, BY, K.Marksa street 13-1.
tel: 8 (0152) 74-01-47

Mo - Fri: 9.00- 18.00
Sa: 9.00- 14.00

Touristic company "Intour-Service"

Our preferences

1  The programms and places we offer are verified with us or our customers

2  Individual treatmet of each customer

3  Convenient wolking hours time, we are in contact with a customer during the whole programm

4  We offer a rent of our Busses

5  Organisation of all kind of exursions and programms, booking of hotels, sanatorium and spa all around the world

6  Booking of all kind of Tickets

7  Group support during the whole programm

8  We are open for all kinds of propositions and enquiries

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